41st World Bridge Team Championships – Day 1 Summary

September 18, 2013

India started their campaign today in all the three championships at Bali.
Bermuda Bowl (Open):
India played their first match against England. Prabhakar and Rajesh played in Open Room and Kiran and Satya played in Closed Room. Some wrong decisions by both Indian pairs resulted in India loosing the match by 38 IMPs. In the second match against Germany Venky and Sunit played in Open Room and Kiran & Satya played in Closed Room. Both pairs played very well till Kiran & Satya bid 7C due to misunderstanding (6C only makes) where as opponents stopped at 4N. India won by 23 imps. In the third match of the day against Netherlands, Venky & Sunit played in Open Room and Rajesh and Prabhakar played in Closed Room. Netherlands team gave a superb display of their bidding methods and thus defeating India by 42 Imps. This means India finished at 19th position at the end of Day 1.
India play Argentina, Japan and South Africa in rounds 4,5, and 6 respectively. Let us hope for the best for tomorrow.
Venice Cup (Women):
In Venice Cup some how Indian ladies have still to find their feet and are languishing at 22nd position. They lost all three matches – to Netherlands (by 42 IMPs netting 1.67 VPs) in round 1, to France (by 26 IMPS netting 3.91 VPs) in round 2 and to Australia (by 28 IMPs netting 3.58 VPs) for a first day total 7.49 VPs.
India plays Poland (watch this on BBO Vugraph at 8:30 AM IST), USA2 and USA1 in rounds 4,5, and 6 respectively. A new day brings new hope.
d’Orsi Trophy (Seniors):
India Seniors finished the day at 15th position (day 1 total of 27.62 VPs) due to defeat in the last round at the hands of Hosts Indonesia. They narrowly lost to USA1 by 6 IMPS (getting 8.24 VPs) in round 1, then beat New Zealand by 27 IMPS (getting 16.26 VPs) and finally lost to Indonesia by 31 IMPS (getting 3.12 VPs).
India plays Guadeloupe, France, and South Africa in rounds 4, 5, and 6 respectively. Wish them all the good luck.
Tomorrow morning 8.30 AM IST, watch Indian ladies in action against Poland on BBO.
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posted on September 18, 2013
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