European Open Championships, Ostend

May 7, 2013

See details of this event in the tourney calendar.

From 15th till 29th June 2013 the 6th European Open Bridge Championships will be held in Ostend (Belgium). These championships are open to players worldwide! There is no selection or limit in participation!

1. City of Ostend: bridge, beach, restaurant and historical pleasure 

The city of Ostend will not only offer you a bridge pleasure. Beside bridge, you can enjoy the very large beach and hopefully good weather, the multiple choice of good restaurants and the historical pleasure in Ostend with the fort of Napoleon or the nearby superb city of Bruges (UNESCO classified) at 10 minutes of car.

2. Everyday side events: very democratic entry fees and players at all bridge levels!! 

These bridge championships are open for every bridge player in Europe and the World! To allow bridge competition at any bridge level, EBL will organize every day pair and team side events open for everybody and outside official competitions! Participation is very flexible: you can choice your own at what days you compete in these side events, to combine at your convenience with all other possible activities in Ostend! You will meet players at all bridge level.

The side events are at very reasonable entry fees:
– 70€ per pair per day
– 140 € per team per day
You can decide to play the side events only on the days you want and combine with touristic or other activities!!

3. Multiple choice of hotels in Ostend at every price class!! 

The main hotel is Thermae Palace Hotel (, but you can also book your hotel using the online reservation system (The code is Bridge2013)

A list of hotels in every price class is available!

4. Venue and official competitions 

The 6th European Open Bridge Championships are to be held at:

Kursaal Oostende (Sea Promenade)
Ostend, Belgium
15th June – 29th June 2013

The Championships will cover official Mixed, Senior, Woman and Open competitions. A detailed schedule of play is available at the EBL Each daily session will start at 10:00 except on the first day Saturday 15th June when the starting time will be 09:45.

5. Entries and payments 

All entries to the various competitions must be submitted electronically by 31st May 2013 via the EBL Website (not by email).
Bank Transfer before or on 31st May 2013 to:
31 Chequer Street
St Albans AL1 3YN – UK –
IBAN: GB82MIDL 4005 1571 2825 45
(to be mentioned)
Entries and payments are also possible on the site in Ostend!

6. Entry fees official competitions

Event Entry Fee
Mixed (per pair) 400€
Mixed (per team) 720€
Open (per team) 800€
Woman/senior Teams 720€
Open Pairs (per pair) 400€
Women/Senior Pairs (with qualification Open) 400€
Women/senior Pairs (without qualification Open) 350€
• A 25% discount on the entry fees will be granted to Juniors (born in 1988 or later)
• A 15% discount on the entry fees will also be granted to the members of the RBBF and the NBB.

7. Registration

All entries to the various competitions must be submitted electronically by 31st May 2013 via the EBL Website (not by email).
The registration process will be open in March 2013.

8. Contact and information 

For technical information, please send a mail to:[email protected] For logistical information (hotel, travel, etc…), please contact Catherine Vitry – EBL (Email:secr[email protected])

This email provides you only with the most important information. All other information and conditions of the Championships can be found at the EBL website:

We all hope to see you in Ostend!!

Best Regards,

European Bridge League & Organizing Committee Ostend 2013

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