Inter State Championship 2013 – Welcome Message from BFI President

August 22, 2013

Dear Friends,
I am very happy to welcome you all for the 3rd Interstate Championship at Varanasi with the support of U.P. Bridge Association under the leadership of Sri Vijayanand Singh, who is the President of U.P.B.A and also one of the senior most Vice President of BFI. As he has dedicated his efforts to satisfy the participants, I am sure the event will be a memorable and successful one.

As you all know that BFI is trying to motivate state players to participate in this prestigious event representing their state in order to prove the supremacy of their state among all. As a 1st step we have allotted each state only one team instead of the usual style however big the number of registered players may be.

The states which sponsor this annual event will be allowed to field more no of teams which may generate more enthusiasm among the local players. However whenever more than 1 team qualifies for the KO they will fight among themselves at the earliest and only one team will reach the finals. The maximum no what we had planned is 4 teams and have the option of going for 1 or 2 teams more if the state is not exposed to high level competitive bridge.

To raise the level of competitive nature we have also made this event as one of our qualifying event as the winner of this event will be eligible to take part in the Indian team trials to represent our country.

We are also planning to run this event every year where we try to promote bridge and social activity. I am Positive that Federation will plan well in advance to avoid participants problems like travel plan, ticketing, accommodation etc.

We are also looking forward to more public sector participants like Ordinance, Railways, Petroleum, Revenue, DRDO, Electricity Board and more with a hope to see lot of new faces.
We have also added an additional quota for the state which will take care of our open Winter Nationals. Last year our Junior, Sub-junior and Girls event was held at Ludhiana and we were very happy and
excited to see lot of youngsters and I am very positive that this year also about 100-120 Juniors, Youngsters and Girls are taking part in their annual championship at Varanasi .The organisers made elaborate arrangements for their stay etc. We also like to include a senior event along with this for the future and will keep you posted as soon as it is finalised.

Enjoy your game and let us show our spirit to the world. I wish everybody best of luck and pray GOD for the success of this event.

Thanks & Regards
N R Kirubakara Moorthy,
President, Bridge Federation of India

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posted on August 22, 2013
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