Ladies Selection Trial for Venice Cup 2015

July 17, 2014

42nd World Bridge Championships 2015 shall be held in Chennai from Sep, 26th – Oct 10th 2015 at the ITC Grand Chola Hotel.

Format for the Selection of the Ladies Team for the Venice Cup is as follows:

1)   Trials will be on Pairs Contest;

2)  First Round of Trials will be held in two Centres – Mumbai and Delhi. A Player can play at any one Centre of her choice (not both). The Trials will be spread over two days: Mumbai on 17th/18th September 2014 and Delhi on 6th/ 7th December 2014.

3)  Top four Pairs from each centre will qualify to the Final Selection Round which will be held in Delhi for two days (dates will be notified later); The top three Pairs together shall form the Team to represent India in the Venice Cup 2015; If any player out of one or more Pairs withdraws or is unable to play, the BFI shall nominate any two players to complete the team even if one or both have not played in the Trials.


4)  The Entry Fee for the First Round (Delhi & Mumbai) will be Rs 3000/- per Pair.(Lunch and Snacks will be provided.)


5)  The Entry Fee for the Final Selection Round at Delhi will be Rs 8,000/- per Pair.(Lunch and Snacks will be provided)

Pairs qualified from Mumbai Centre will be provided free hotel accommodation in Delhi for two days. The schedule will be such that play will finish early on the second day so that one can plan a late evening departure on the same day.

6)  Each player in the top three Pairs which form the Team will be required to deposit Rs 25000/- in advance towards Entrance Fee for the Venice Cup. In the event of the BFI being called upon to nominate any Pair/(s) the nominated players will also be required to deposit Rs 25000/- in advance towards the Entry Fee. In case a Pair does not deposit the advance money, it loses its right to play for the Team and the BFI can nominate a Pair. If a player who has been selected withdraws or refuses to play for a reason which according to the BFI is not good enough, this amount is liable to be forfeited. The partner of the defaulting player will, however, not lose her deposit. After the Venice Cup is over, the deposit of those who did not play will be refunded.


7)  Entries for the First Selection Round in Mumbai close on 20th August and for Delhi on 30th October 2014.

Entries with Entry Fee may be sent to the following:-                                                                                                

  • Delhi Centre—Shri Kawaljit Singh, Vice President BFI,

B 84 Defence Colony, New Delhi- 110024  

Mob: 9810009558 ; Email: [email protected]

  • Mumbai Centre – Shri Anand Smant, Vice President.BFI,       302, Ramakrishna H Society, Patharli Road, Dombivilli East, Mumbai-421201                                                                                           Mob: 09820951180; Email: [email protected]


The selected Ladies team will be expected to play as a team in the T/4 Events and as selected Pairs in the Pairs Events in all important National Bridge Tournaments leading to the World Championships 2015.




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posted on July 17, 2014
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