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May 2, 2013

Dear friends,

We have just completed our Summer Nationals at Goa and the trials are on. Let me share my intention of qualifying teams to represent our country for the future.

As we have decided to qualify the teams to play on merit we have announced various qualifying tournaments along with National championship.

Last year it was Winter, Summer nationals (Winner & Runner) Masters, HCL, Shree Cement, Bhartia (winner) and sponsored + fully sponsored.

We had also announced a sponsored event to encourage more teams to come forward to join this trials but only 2 teams gave entry in spite of a very minimum fee of Rs 20,000. In the year 2011, the entry fees announced being Rs 50,000. We received an entry of 3 teams. With the result we have cancelled the event.

We have also decided to cancel the sponsored event for ever as there is poor response, and this will help us finalizing the trials date without waiting.

We are also planning to finish the trials well in advance before the World Championships (at least a year) which could be possible from 2014 or 2015.

The federation events will be mostly during the following months and we have planned to maintain the same continuously.

1. Winter natioals-1st to 3rd week of Dec.
2. Summer nationals -within middle of May – June
3. Masters- Sept. 2nd week to the end of the month (September – October).

May I request organizers who are willing to conduct winter and summer nationals to come forward with their request in advance at least by 2 years.

Anyhow federation will definitely go with the above plan and announce all the dates and venue in advance from year 2013.

Since 2012 Master’s dates is finalised we need to work on Winter & Summer nationals in order to complete the 2013 trials well within the month of March.

It will help the qualifier to prepare with system and travel plans for the 2013 Bermuda Bowl which will be at Bali Indonesia and the BFAME is to be decided.

We have also plans to go for performing IMP scoring to know the strength of the partnership and going to request the Tech Committee to come with an option of selecting pairs or changing a pair which may help us to perform well.

However I promise that we shall announce all policies in advance to avoid problems and request all of you to cooperate.

We are sending a junior team fully supported by BFI to Shanghai where the junior world championship will be held shortly. Sri Arvind Vaidya has agreed to be the NPC and he will guide and lead the team with success.

We are only helping ALBA in conducting ladies’ trials and nominate the team from federation with WBF. They are already informed along with the seniors to take care of the fees, travel and other expenses. We hope to go for our grants with sports & youth affairs ministry from 2013 and hopefully we shall receive support. We will take up ladies activities with thirst and I hope more and more ladies will take interest in participating in such activities.

I have to admit that our number of active players is coming down very heavily in a short span of time but the fighting spirit is improving and hopeful of recovering with youngsters and newcomers.

I am confident once we improve the quality and facility to see that our teams achieve big laurels in the world and international level the enthusiasm automatically generate enabling more competition and participation. We have also taken a decision in GC meeting that all our BFI events will start at 10.00 am in the morning on event days, this will eliminate players asking directors about the starting time and no ambiguity will remain. I request all organizers and state association to follow this timing as far as possible.

We have made constant efforts to improve the quality of directors, and I am sure everybody could feel the change. We shall continue with our effort to support them.

Junior and beginner coaching and advance training of players could also be possible if any state or club is interested.

WBF has promised to support junior coaching (international).
With all these we need to make an attempt and hope for the best.

God is always great and he will support all good cause.

Thanking you,
With warm regards

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